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The Kentucky Wildcats have been forced to sit down out

The Kentucky Wildcats have been forced to sit down out the 1952-53 conduct whereas a result of a aspect shaving telling involving several Kentucky players from previous years. They practiced together 3 or four times per week all year and came back agency 1953-54 better than ever. The fast-breaking 1954 Kentucky Wildcats basketball team went 25-0 again outscored competitors by means of an awesome average close of 87.5 to 60.3 according to business at a time when teams exertion approximately 35% from the field. The 27.2 scoring margin is still third in NCAA history. Kentucky€™s Hall of Fame coach Adolph Rupp said €œThere is no question that this is the first-class team we€™ve ever had at Kentucky and the finest team I have ever seen.€

hall of celebration guard Frank Ramsey (19.6 pts., 8.8 reb.), Hall of Fame center Cliff Hagan (24 pts., 13.5 reb.) and forward Lou Tsioropoulos (14.5 pts., 9.6 reb.) were all seniors agency 1953. They were replete drafted by the NBA. Because Kentucky did no longer drama the 1953 season, the three seniors had a remaining year of eligibility for the 1954 season. Although they graduated in 1953, they elected to return in 1954 and try to win the national championship. They took graduate courses in 1954 and played for the Wildcats.

Ramsey could blitz to the basket or tug up and shoot from enthusiasm range. abutting Kentucky visit St. gladiator 71-59, St. Louis€™ form spoke of €œFrank Ramsey . . . is the best school player in the country.€ Hagan had a wonderful hook lick that he may hit from anywhere on the floor. Adolph Rupp said that Hagan had €œthe greatest natural touch of any player I€™ve seen.€ Tsioropoulos could crush the ball inside. All have been great rebounders.

The beginning 5 was rounded out by junior forward Billy Evans (8.8 pts., 7.3 reb.) also junior guard Gayle ruby (6.7 pts., 1.4 reb.).

The 1954 season obtained blow away to a tough start. Southeastern conference foes LSU, Tulane, Mississippi further Mississippi State had all played Kentucky hold Lexington drag 1952. credit 1953, Kentucky may have traveled to Louisiana and Mississippi to play had the season not been canceled. For 1954, Kentucky was scheduled to dramaturgy LSU, Tulane, Mississippi and Mississippi State grease Lexington again. The 4 teams threatened to cancel their games veil Kentucky rather than play twice in a row in Lexington. €œIn all fairness,€ an LSU official said, €œKentucky owes us a trip down here before we have to go back to Lexington.€ The Southeastern Conference schools held a vote and voted that the games would be performed clout Lexington. All of the teams however LSU agreed to abide by means of the vote.

Adolph Rupp was angered by means of the NCAA suspension. €œI will never be satisfied until the guys who delayed us helping hand us the national championship trophy,€ Rupp said. “They’ll stand for no point shaving this year,” said Rupp. “When we route up single of those 95 or 97-point totals – and we used to do it often – and there’s still a couple of organ to play, I’m not operation to pull my boys up and have them reaction around at midcourt and try to hold the score down so we don’t humiliate somebody. we’ll just keep playing our game and let the other guy worry.”
The first game of the season, dec 5, 1953, Kentucky pounded Temple, 86-59. cliff Hagan put up 51 points, almost outscoring Temple on his own. On dec 18, 1953, Kentucky pilgrimage St. gladiator 71-59. St. Louis€™ coach noted that the 1954 Wildcats were €œthe sweetest operating team to watch that I€™ve ever seen.€ On December 22, 1953, Kentucky took on eventual NCAA tournament champion LaSalle and effortlessly trip them, 73-60.

Before their superlative sec game of the season against Tulane on January 16, 1954, Adolph Rupp told his players that Tulane€™s coach led the efforts to suspend Kentucky from playing in 1953. “He’s on the ground now, the man that led the fight against you outlast year. For ever blister, each and every bruise, every pitch eye, every tooth knocked out last year, that little runt of a coach owes you. Tonight you pay them back for all of last year.” Kentucky crushed Tulane, 94-43. When asked what he thought of Kentucky, Tulane€™s coach said, €œThat Kentucky team, whew!€

Kentucky rolled considering the rest of the plan and preceding the have in a tie with LSU for the southeastern conference title. LSU agreed to a playoff motion in Nashville, Tennessee. Kentucky beat the eighth ranked LSU team 63-56 to complete a perfect 25-0 season. At the beginning of the next season, a Philadelphia newspaper story mentioned “Apparently the University of Kentucky basketball dynasty is to remain forever.”

The NCAA declared Ramsey, Hagan further Tsioropoulos ineligible to play in the NCAA event because they had graduated before the start of NCAA tournament play. Rather than go to the tournament without their three matchless players, the Wildcats declined the invitation to play grease it. Cliff Hagan couldn€™t believe he, Ramsey besides Tsioropoulos were being penalized for graduating in four years in its place of five. “We were penalized for the year we were forced to sit down out and that changed into for something we had not been involved in. If we had taken five years to graduate we wouldn’t hold had a problem. So we were punished for trying to do the right thing. Isn’t that something?” Frank Ramsey said €œThe rest of these boys and I have been in high school when those things happened. Why€™d they take it out on us?€ When asked no matter if the 1954 Kentucky pair may have won the NCAA tournament, Frank Ramsey said €œIn our minds, we felt we were good enough.€

adduce Pos Class Pts Reb
Cliff Hagan F/C SR 24.0 13.5
Frank Ramsey F SR 19.6 8.8
Lou Tsioropoulos C SR 14.5 9.6
Billy archaeologist G/F JR 8.8 7.2
Gayle inflamed G JR 6.7 1.2
Phil Grawemeyer F SO 5.9 6.1
Linville Puckett G SO 5.1 2.2
Bill Bibb F SO 1.7 1.6
Hugh Coy F ergo 1.3 1.0
Jerry Bird F hence 3.5 3.0

How would the 1954 Kentucky Wildcats do against the teams of today? How would they handle the shot clock again the three pointer?
The 1954 Wildcats would stand for a immensely good team away. straightforward Ramsey was a first round NBA draft choose who performed pro round for nine years and won seven championships. Cliff Hagan was a five circumstance NBA All-Star who played pro circle in that 10 years. Ramsey and Hagan were both excellent outside shooters who took and made shots that would be three-pointers instantly. Kentucky played at a super fast step in 1954, outscoring opponents via an average of 87.5 to 60.3, so the shot see wouldn€™t grant them much trial. The 1954 Kentucky team won bury the fast break and extraordinary rebounding. In high school, thorough five Kentucky starters played middle. However, it is doubtful they could reaction over effectively today as they did in 1954 with no starter taller than 6€™5€.

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