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The democratic birthday celebration was toasting its own success today

The democratic birthday celebration was toasting its own success today consequent securing election wins effect previously Republican states Kentucky and Virginia.

Governor Ernie Fletcher of Kentucky, a Republican dogged by accusations of nepotism in his administration’s hiring practices, lost to Steve Beshear by 17 points.

Democrats have also taken control of the Virginia Senate, taking four republican seats for they continued to transform a once-red state blue.

The charges against Mr Fletcher were born in a deal with Kentucky prosecutors nearest he admitted wrongdoing by means of his management. But his efforts to revive his reputation did not carry him far enough.

Mr Beshear kept the focus on Fletcher’s legal issues while also arguing that allowing casinos at horse racing tracks besides in a few areas along the state’s borders would generate $500m (250m) in tax income that could help alter the lives of Kentuckians. Voters would have to exonerate lump change to the constitution by referendum.

In a contest that many semipolitical strategists affirm could turn the state into a battleground for the 2008 presidential race, Virginia Democrats gained a majority force the state Senate, while Republicans held onto control rule the House.

Republicans have controlled both chambers since the late 1990s, but the once reliably bourgeois state also can be turning.

That shift started curtain the gubernatorial rack up by a Democrat, certificate Warner, influence 2001 and then Tim Kaine prerogative 2005. Jim Webb edged out the tied Republican, Senator George Allen, draw out year.

Many semipolitical strategists are watching for next year’s important battle since the seat of senator john Warner, a Republican, who is retiring.

In Baltimore, Sheila Dixon wa elected mayor, becoming the first black woman elected to the office as Democrats maintained their decades-long grip on City Hall.

Baltimore’s predomination is now headed not only by Democrats, but via black women, including City Comptroller Joan Pratt, whose re-election was uncontested, and Patricia Jessamy, the city state’s attorney.

Elsewhere, voting produced few surprises, glum assignation and isolated reports of problems.

Voters in Columbus, Ohio, and philadelphia selected Democratic mayors, as expected. credit Pittsburgh, the Democratic mayoral incumbent, Luke Ravenstahl, who spent much of his first impart fending off ethics questions, won, but by less of a margin than expected in a city where registered Democrats outnumber registered Republicans more than five to one.

Election officials in Maryland, Ohio and Utah reported turnouts reduce than expected. The top of the ticket in supremely locations featured races that were not close also the bottom consisted largely of ballot measures focused on nuts-and-bolt spending issues rather than sensitive social issues.

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