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Same-store revenue at KFC restaurants have been either negative or

Same-store revenue at KFC restaurants have been either negative or flat as most of the past year and a half, again the company€™s effort to introduce healthier menu selections last year fell flat secrete customers. In recent months business has improved, partly due to the introduction of a 99-cent chicken sandwich, however the bundle has decided a more aggressive nearing is capital to revitalize sales.

As part of an aggressive commotion to disturb the brand into the future, the company has begun by means of going back to the past to draw on its Southern roots, opening a enhanced restaurant string its hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, under its former name of Kentucky Fried Chicken. The new metropolis store has a totally redesigned internal dining area, dissemble low-profile tables and ottomans, a free digital jukebox, again a younger, apron-clad image of Colonel Sanders, the well-known founder of the original Kentucky Fried Chicken. The new Colonel is also slimmer, to attraction to a younger, on-the-go consumer who makes healthy eating a priority. The menu has been expanded and revamped to include new menu items not usually associated with fast food, such as collard greens, buttermilk popcorn shrimp, sausage bowls, chicken also rice, and sweet potato pie.

The company plans to open 50 more such restaurants across the country this year. Owned by Yum Brands, Inc., KFC has served as one of the corporations flagship chains, along cache Taco discoverer further Pizza hut. but KFC has been a thorn in Yum€™s side in contemporary years as a result of of flagging revenue again consumers straying to more trendy, health-oriented fare effect fast food. So to meet the demand for new, upscale agile food, KFC is going to provide the public lie low hip, new restaurants and products. The restaurants opening this year won€™t be brand new franchises; they€™ll be latest stores remodeled with new looks. They will intact display the Kentucky fried Chicken name and hip new Colonel, as well as the updated fare. Although no longer all locations believe been diagnosed yet, the restaurants cede be located control both suburban besides urban neighborhoods, and they are planned adduce a combination of the highest aspects of the new Louisville store with the ones of a new comestible in Washington, D.C. that has proven to be a winner for KFC. The Washington store elements the Kentucky cooked Chicken name weight addition to a newly designed chicken bucket, and its new approach has greater business by more than 20 percent.

KFC has owns over 5,000 restaurants in the United States, in addition to hundreds worldwide. Colonel Harland Sanders offered the cosmos a taste of his famous fried chicken almost 70 years in the past in that first louisville restaurant. His Original Recipe Kentucky Fried fowl featured a secret mix of 11 herbs and spices, and since then tens of millions of people throughout several generations have come to love his one of a kind chicken, homestyle aspect dishes, and hot, further biscuits. also now they will have even more to love, with KFC€™s plans to metamorphose what the Colonel probably never even dreamed of: hip. The key concept ingredients since opportune cool with a markedly Southern weight will be a extraordinarily more trendy store design, a jazzier menu, and an extreme makeover of the Colonel himself. According to Gregg Dedrick, KFC€™s new president with an viewpoint toward the future, the company is graceful the best of the original idea and right improving it, to achieve “old-school cool.”

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