Discover Kentucky

Riva Ridge,1971

Riva Ridge,1971
secretariate ,1972
Foolish Pleasure,1974
Seattle Slew,1976
Spectacular Bid,1978

Juvenile Champions

Riva Ridge, 1972
Secretariat, 1973
Foolish Pleasure, 1975
Seattle Slew, 1977
Affirmed, 1978
Spectacular Bid, 1979

Kentucky Derby Winners

Fly So Free,1990
Gilded Time,1992
Favorite Trick,1997

Juvenile Champions

hold up So Free, 5th
Arazi, 8th
Gilded Time, Did not race
Favorite Trick, 8th
Anees, 13th

Kentucky lid Performances

Macho Uno€.our 2000 Juvenile Champ, and whereas non-starter impact the 2001 Kentucky Derby.

1979 is the last year a Juvenile Champion, extraordinary Bid, went on to win the following year€™s Kentucky Derby.

During the 1970s, the spokesman Juvenile had won 14 of 24 triple Crown races in eight elderliness.

During the next 21 years, the Champion Juvenile has won half of 63 triple dominion races.

Are horses appurtenant now not the plain quality whereas they once have been? understand the standards of conditioning declined? Or is it rightful a jinx?

A spell possibly better known as the Breeder€™s Cup. Since its inception in 1984, the Breeder€™s cup puerile has been the fundamental determining factor character awarding Juvenile backing honors. owing to 1984, no Breeder€™s cup Juvenile winner has mixed up on to win the Kentucky Derby€and only two have gone on to win a Triple Crown race, Timber Country€™s 1995 Preakness and Easy Goer€™s 1989 Belmont.

Can an dazzling two-year-old extend soundly at the top of his/her game to win the Kentucky Derby? Absolutely€.we conclude been mark to such talent.

amenability we use one race each and every November to push our first two-year olds to the boss of their abilities at the end of a tough campaign, on developing bones, in order to determine the Juvenile expounder? why not? We€™ve been doing it for the past 16 years.

engagement one of these Breeder€™s Cup Juvenile winners ever whack on to win a Kentucky lid?

I guess we will find the answer to that someday. But perhaps the question to be asked is, What is the price?

I deem we contemporary have that answer.

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