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“Mine That Bird,” a 50:1 longshot at the Kentucky Derby

“Mine That Bird,” a 50:1 longshot at the Kentucky Derby last weekend, won the race by an unprecedented margin and, in the wake of that think good story, will travel to Baltimore, Maryland for the Preakness Stakes. coalpit That chook was published fit for the Preakness yesterday after being worked out early on monday morning. The horse€™s trainer, Bennie woolley Jr., noted, “The horse will be the judge, but as right over he looked this morning, we plan on whereas at the Preakness.”

Woolley, an unlikely star at the Derby, has famous that he€™s totaled about 5 hours of sleep the past two nights, due to holiday requests and the calls for of keeping his horse ready for the next race reckon on been quite challenge. The trainer also said that the bangtail would remain at Churchill Downs in louisville until May 12, at least, before traveling to baltimore. Said Woolley, “I€™ve by no means been to Baltimore, but it looks like I won€™t be able to say that in a few days.”

Though Woolley has continuously superior that he feels no obligation to have Mine That chook run the Preakness and that “You€™ve got to do what€™s best for the horse also the horse has got to come first,” he did acknowledge that taking at the Triple Crown €“ winning the Kentucky Derby, Preakness and Belmont jackpot reputation the same stage €“ would hold office good owing to bangtail hot in general. Said Woolley, “The horse got here back and he€™s bouncing €“ fells good, doing good. This Triple territory thing is good for racing. If you don€™t presuppose the Kentucky Derby winner, there€™s no Triple Crown.”

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