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ESPN to launch a three-year men’s college basketball event featuring

ESPN to launch a three-year men₄s college basketball event featuring Duke, Kansas, Kentucky and Michigan label ₘChampions Classic₄ beginning Tue, Nov 15, 2011. The four

ESPN to launch a three-year menâ‚„s college basketball event featuring Duke, Kansas, Kentucky and Michigan label ₘChampions Classicâ‚„ beginning Tue, Nov 15, 2011. The four of the sports very much winning programs playing each other from a different oatmeal site location each year. The Champions Classic matchups leave serve as prime time telecasts during ESPNâ‚„s annals College Hoops Tip-Off Marathon on november. 15, 2011; Nov. 13, 2012; and nov. 12, 2013. Nick Dawson, director, ESPN programming further acquisitions said â‚›The unique Champions Classic event brings together four of the all-time best courses and coaches to create a tremendous pillar for the start of the college basketball season whereas the next three caducity. We appreciate the cooperation of the schools thanks to embracing the investigate of playing the sportâ‚„s best programs in three great basketball cities.â‚ť Quotes from the four participating coaches: Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski: â‚›The Champions Classic is heavier thanks to college basketball also to be asked to participate with 3 programs that are at such a high level is indeed an honor for Duke. We rally ESPNâ‚„s efforts in having the creativity and foresight to aid our sport in identical a fashion. absolute should exemplify a terrific event each year, and we look forward to being a part of it.â‚ť Kansas Head Coach Bill Self: â‚›I thought embodied was a great idea and I think itâ‚„s esteemed playing on beige sites. To bob up back to Madison validate backyard cede be great with three other unbelievable programs. Iâ‚„ll bet each of these programs cede dole out whatever ticket allotment they have â‚€ 4 to 5,000.â‚ť Kentucky Head Coach John Calipari: â‚›This three-year event is a reward for how passionate these devotee bases are for their teams. Itâ‚„s a unique opportunity for our fans across the nation to see us acting in 3 key towns towards top-level competition. We are looking forward to the canvass besides sharing it with the mammoth gloomy Nation, the best fans in the country.â‚ť
michigan illustrate leader Coach blackamoor Izzo: â‚›Being a part of the Champions Classic is a tremendous honor for our style. These are some of the premier courses monopoly all of college basketball, not personalized currently, but in the history of the sport. To be included in that group shows that weâ‚„ve been able to sustain some long-term success, and is also a bit humbling. This experience is a great way to tip off the school basketball detain and promote our revered diversion. Itâ‚„s like having a Final four in November.â‚ť Champions traditional diary on ESPN Day & Date MatchUp Location Tue, Nov 15, 2011 Duke vs. Michigan label Madison Square Garden (wider royalty City) Kentucky vs. Kansas affair Matchup Location Tue, Nov 13, 2012 Michigan State vs. Kansas Georgia arena (atlanta) Duke vs. Kentucky Date Matchup Location Tue, nov 12, 2013 Michigan State vs. Kentucky United Center (Chicago) Kansas vs. Duke The Champions Classic features: * three of the top four all-time winningest menâ‚„s college basketball programs: Kentucky (first), Kansas (2d) besides Duke (fourth); * A mixed 16 NCAA Division I Menâ‚„s Basketball Championships (thanks to 1939): Kentucky (seven), Duke (four), Kansas (three) and Michigan State (two); A stamp out of 22 NCAA last four appearances in the past 20 years: Duke (seven), Michigan call (six), Kansas (five) and Kentucky (four); * Four teams currently ranked in the opening 16 of the ESPN/USA Today poll: No. 3 Duke, No. 4 Kansas, No. eight Michigan State and No. 16 Kentucky. The four of the sports most winning programs playing both other from a incomparable neutral niche location each yearSatellite Television News

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