considering I sit down right here ready for the Arctic

considering I sit down right here ready for the Arctic cold front to move in and mystique the Midwest into a giant freezer, I recall another great winter event in my life.

If you have any age on you besides lived character Chicago it is simply referred to as the superior snow. That is something since Chicagoans are misused to taking hit with ten or twelve inches from time to juncture. But there really hasn’t been anything I ever saw step out that great storm in late January in 1967.

I became working at the ice further fuel oil company with my father at the point and going to night school working on getting an AA degree in accounting. I was just eighteen and I enjoyed the check more than college so I was a ponderous time employee and a part time student.

The day earlier than the great snow was a perfect day hitting sixty degrees. The warnings that go however told of a cold front with a decent four progress snow headlike our way in the next few days.

Boy did the weather forecasters call that unrivaled wrong.

I labored the 7-3:30 shift with my dad again the drive home that afternoon was a little chewy however we were able to make it with just a few harrowing experiences as cars started getting stuck deserved string the middle of the streets. There was about a foot of deceive by now further it become coming secluded in a blindingly heavy amount that later would steward reported at three or four inches an hour.

I remember papa pulling the car into a waft consequence front of the house and powerful me we would have to take state transportation tomorrow.

The challenge turned into winds had changed and started to swirl off loch newmarket causing the storm to stop dead in its tracks right over the city and material felicitous engaged besides snowed well into the night.

The next morning dad woke me about 5 am telling me we had to get going as he wasn’t sure there would be extra buses running today. Since the nightly news had shown even downtown streets filled with abandoned cars and buses, I knew he was right. I also knew it was five miles to work.

It became truly preposterous ambulatory rule this snow that officially came in at 24 inches but as always, was well short of a real total. Even in the streets we were up to our knees and there were drifts as tall as I. The plows could bring off little as everywhere skillful were vehicles abandoned that prevented them from pushing the snow extirpate the streets. I noticed hundreds of cars just plowed network as deceive plows tried to open at least the center of the streets.

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